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Smartphone Apps For Your Garage Door

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An option available to current and new garage door owners alike is a smartphone app that allows you to use your smartphone in place of a separate garage door opener remote. If you are about to install a new door, you may want to look into getting this option. Take a look at both the pros and cons to see if this newer entry in the world of smartphone applications would work for you and your home. Backup Remote A major advantage is that you don’t have to worry if you’ve lost your door remote. The app allows your smartphone to function as a backup, so you can still get into the garage without having to park outside, get out, go inside the house to open the door, and so on. That’s important in areas that get very cold or snowy in winter. If you have an option to get a model of garage door opener that uses only the smartphone and has no extra remote, think carefully. If you lose your smartphone in that case, you end up in the same place you would be in if you lost your garage remote and didn’t have the app as a backup. So getting a model where you still have a separate remote opener may be best. Wider Reach With the smartphone app, you can open and close the garage door from much farther away than you would with a regular remote. If you forget to close the door and remember once you’re at work, you don’t have to go home again to close the door — just use the app. If you’re expecting guests or a maintenance worker, you can open the door for them from another location, too. Video Options Some smartphone apps have a video option that lets you see what’s happening in your garage. If you have the ability to record the video, you can use it as a security camera if someone gets inside. Must Ensure Protection on Your Phone The downside, of course, is that you must take extra steps to ensure your phone is safe, both in terms of not losing it and in terms of making it very difficult for someone to break your passcode. If they find the garage door app and find out where you live, that’s a burglary risk. If you’d like to ask more questions about whether a smartphone app option for your garage door is worth it for you, talk to garage door installers, such as Casp Enterprises Ltd Residential Garage doors. They can help you figure out which styles of door and door opener are going to be the best for you....

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Is Your Garage Door Ready For Hurricane Season?

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If you have watched the news lately, you have probably noticed that there has been some unusual weather in some parts of the world recently. It is important to remember that  June 1 was the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season and scientists expect at least half a dozen storms that are severe enough as to be named. Although the numbers of  expected hurricanes are lower than many previous years, tornadoes continue to be a natural disaster that takes lives and ruins property. Therefore, with rain and severe weather being so probable, it is essential to make your home as safe as possible, even if you don’t expect trouble in your area. Given that your garage door is the largest, most obvious way to access your home, it is a good idea to reinforce or update it. Does Your Door Provide Adequate Wind Pressure And Impact Protection? It is first necessary to determine the age and features of your garage door. Older units may have been made prior to the safety features that now exist. For instance, it is now possible for garage doors to withstand wind speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour. Doors with that type of strength and durability are often required by law to be present in ALL homes in some parts of the world. The issue of windows in the garage also needs to be addressed. Specifically, glass is not always safe in the event of a severe storm and even glass that has been reinforced can still pose a problem. Broken glass is an obvious safety hazard, but also allows air, rain, etc. into the garage after being damaged. Therefore, you should consider how badly you actually want the window. How Safe Is Your Existing Garage Door? If your door has rust spots, cracks, dents or uneven brackets, it is not safe to use and could become a weapon of sorts during severe weather. A garage door repair (available from companies like Calgary Overhead Doors) can be done with the use of extra braces that will go across the garage door, to make it stronger. Another option involves re-calibrating the springs, to make them smoother to use and reinforcing the doors, so they can withstand high winds. Unfortunately, those options help with the winds that could be attacking your home, but do nothing against flying debris. If that is a concern, you may need to consider a new garage door. Retrofitting  and repairing the door is more cost-efficient, but older doors cannot always be updated to provide the safety that a new door does. In conclusion, even if your garage door is functional, improving its usability and making it safer could be important for protecting your home and family in the event of severe weather. It does not have to be expensive to save the lives of your family or protect your home and belongings, but it does need to be done...

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Knowing Your Options With Garage Doors

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Like many people, you might rely on your garage door every day. After frequent use, your garage door can experience a lot of wear and tear. You may need to replace it throughout your life, so it is important to choose the type that will serve you best . To help you make the best choice, here is an overview of the types of garage doors available: Tilt-Up This type is appropriately named. It can be lifted, or “tilted”, up and it only contains a single panel. They tend to come with less of a cost than other options, so if your budget is low this could be your number one choice. Sectional Roll Up These typically have four panels that run horizontally and are attached at the hinge. Rollers carry these along the tracks to help them move up and down easily. While more costly that a tilt-up door, they can be incredibly easy and safe to use. Materials Wood It seems that owners love the looks of wooden garage doors. Even if it is cheap, it isn’t the only reason that people are grabbing these doors. The finishes, designs, and colors are infinite for wood and it gives your home a classic style. However, they can be more susceptible to weather and damage than other varieties. Aluminum Aluminum doors are great for your garage. Lighter than steel and more durable than wood, they offer a great mix of qualities. Protecting your cars and other belongings from the weather is one of the most important jobs of a garage door and aluminum stands up to the task. Steel The classic material is used in many doors. Garage doors made of steel can withstand heavy conditions but come at a heavy price and weight. Fiberglass Renowned for their light nature and sturdy finish, fiberglass garage doors are a great option. They are similar to the price of steel or aluminum and they can stand up to almost any weather. The waterproof nature of this material is a huge plus as well, as heavy rainfalls are a problem in much of the world. Garage doors are an important part of any home. You don’t want to make a poor decision because you didn’t have the best facts available. By following the advice above, you will be well on your way to picking a new garage door that fits the needs of you and your family. Contact a local company, like Terry Overhead Door, to see the options in your...

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How To Paint A Wood Garage Door

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There are many benefits to having a garage door, from its natural appearance to the ability to paint it any color you like. If it is time to paint your garage door to freshen it up, these tips will come in handy. Start With a Clean Door Before you paint your garage door, make sure it is clean, front and back. The first thing you should do to clean the door is sweep it. Get a broom with a long handle so you can reach the top and sides of the door. Sweep excess dirt and dust from the front of the garage door, then work on the tops and bottoms, sides, and the opposite side of the door. Even if you don’t see it, there is probably a lot of dirt built up on the door. Once you have swept it, you want to wash it with either your hose or a power sprayer. If you can get a power sprayer, it will wash it a lot better. Remove the Fittings Next, you need to remove any fittings that are on your garage door. This includes hinges, brackets, and handles. Some fittings can’t be removed without putting the door in jeopardy, so you can cover those with plastic and tape. Make sure when you mask them, you don’t cover any of the actual door as you don’t want areas of the door that aren’t painted evenly. Once the fittings are covered or removed, sand the door thoroughly with a fine-grade sandpaper. This gives it a smooth surface for the primer to bond to. If it has any dents or holes, fill them now before continuing. Prime the Door You are now ready to prime the garage door. This is usually recommended prior to painting since it has probably been painted before. Since you are covering a larger surface, use a roller or large paintbrush to prime it. Find the grain of wood on the garage door and add the primer in that same direction. You can also prime across grains if you find splits that are no larger than a hairline and don’t need to be filled. Make sure you keep painting with the grain and not against it, going in even strokes. Paint the Door Painting the door is the final step to the process. Make sure the primer has dried completely before applying paint. Try to use a top-grade paint so that you only need to add one coat. It will have a thick coating and be of better quality. Use the same technique for the paint that you did with the primer. Go with the wood grain in even coats. After you have applied the first coat, let it dry completely to decide if you need to apply a second coat. The second coat should be applied in the same manner. Let your paint dry fully before using the garage door.  For more information about garage doors, check out companies such as General Door...

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