Your Guide To Troubleshooting The Remote Control And Primary Panel Of Your Garage Door Opener When The Door Won't Open Or Close

When the entire point of having an automatic garage door opener is so that you do not need to mess with opening it manually, it can get more than a little frustrating to discover that the door isn't operating as it should. Fortunately, you may find that the issue is something quite simple that doesn't require either an expert examining it or the bill you could expect for that service. For instance, some common reasons for malfunctioning garage doors include issues like remote controls that need new batteries and minor electrical issues that prevent the unit from working. Therefore, before you risk getting dirty by manually opening and closing the garage door every day or write a hefty check to a garage door expert, it's a good idea to have a clear understanding of the information below.    

Checking The Functionality Of The Garage Door Remote

If you are within the normal range of the base unit and are attempting to open the garage door with your remote with no success, it is time to examine the base unit and remote control. Specifically, you will want to make sure that the lights you expect to see are on in both locations.

If you don't see a light indicating a power source on your remote, you can try removing the old battery, putting in fresh ones and then looking for that power indicator again. If the light on the remote control is on and the garage door is not, perform a similar examination of the base unit, as explained in the next passage.

Troubleshooting The Base Unit

If the light is not on or is blinking in a new way, it may be a short somewhere. Alternatively, you might find that the base unit isn't getting electricity.  Try following the various cords from the unit to see if one is frayed or has come loose. If that isn't the problem, try flipping the corresponding fuse in your circuit box, after turning off the garage door, even if you think that the panel isn't getting electricity.  

Another option to try if the lights are working, and you still can't get the door to move as it should, is checking your owner's manual for advice about resetting the units to their earliest configuration. If you still have no solution, it's time to speak with a professional and you should be careful when dealing with the garage door until it has been examined.      

In conclusion, automatic garage doors are an important feature in many homes and their usage depends on the base unit and remote control working together without issues. As a result, when the door fails to open as it should, it's easy to become very frustrated, very easily. When that happens and you hope to avoid an appointment with a garage door repair-person, you will find the above facts to be quite useful. Click here for more help.