How To Design Your Own Vehicle Workshop Garage

A garage space can be used for many things, but if you're the type of person who loves to tinker with motorcycles or cars, then having a spacious and well-designed garage may be a priority for you in your home. Here are some ideas about how to design a great garage for your space.

Try Polypropylene Flooring

Out of all of the flooring options, polypropylene is very functional for a garage workshop. Standing on a hard concrete floor for long periods of time is tough, and this flooring material will reduce the impact on your bones and joints a bit. It's also fairly easy to install; in some cases, you can get pieces that snap together so that you can install it over your concrete structure.

Think About Space

How many vehicles will you reasonably want to keep in the garage at any one time? You'll need that space, plus the space for working with your tools, plus leeway for equipment storage. THat might mean you need to extend the garage. Just be careful about knocking down a wall and making the garage bigger; changing its structure could have unintended implications for your roof if you have a pitched roof.

Choose Your Electrical and Heating Setup

If you plan to spend more time in your garage than the average person, you might find that the existing heating and electrical infrastructure is not sufficient. As far as heating goes, you could choose to extend your HVAC system into the garage, but you could also simply get a space heater for the area. With many tools and electrical devices in your garage, you might also need to have an electrician give you an estimate to install additional electrical outlets or a circuit breaker that's dedicated to the garage.

Choose a Secure Garage Door

With a lot of vehicles and tools in your workshop, you'll want to make sure these items are safe while you're away. The best garage doors will be a steel door with a light insulated core. It should have storm bracing so that the door does not blow away in a heavy wind event. If the garage door has windows, they need to be high enough that someone passing by cannot see all of your vehicles and tools. And if you include an entry door on the side of your garage setup, it should have the same security profile as your main entry door; no knob lock setups will do.

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