Costs And Embellishments For A Garage Door

Figuring out what to spend on any single aspect of your home is difficult. But that becomes even harder with something where there is such a large price range as with garage doors. But here is a guide to what average costs are like and how you might raise or lower your expenses for a garage door.

Average Costs and Ranges for Garage Doors

As far as statistics that have been collected on how much people spend for their garage doors, the average cost hovers around $1,058. The range could be anywhere from $300 to $2000. The price depends somewhat on your location and the price of building materials there. But it also depends on the features and embellishments you choose. To understand this, it helps to look at examples for low-cost and high-cost garage doors.  

A Low-Cost Garage Door Example

If you want to trend towards a low cost garage door, then you might be looking at a simple aluminum door. A chain drive garage door opener would be a good choice to add for durability as well as cost savings. These technologies have been around for a long time, so an added benefit is that garage door repair technicians will be very familiar with how to fix them quickly.

A High Cost Garage Door Example

On the opposite end, it is very possible to find doors that employ modern technologies and use newer building materials. The cost of manufacturing these newer building materials is high because there is not as much volume. A newer garage door opener, such as a direct drive garage door opener, may only be created by a few different manufacturers as well.

What Are the Most Important Features?

These examples may lead you to wonder what the most important features are for a door. Insulation is one; you want something that will help keep the elements out and reduce your heating bill. Convenience and speed of opening and closing is another factor that many people look at. Safety and maintenance needs could be important, especially if you have small children or disabled residents in the home.

You could visit a garage door specialist and find a variety of examples at different price points. It may also come down to which option fits the best with your existing home design scheme. Different features speak to different families, so it's a good idea to look at a wide variety of garage door.

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