Three Issues Your Garage Doors May Encounter

A garage door that has encountered problems can be a scary issue for a new homeowner. While these problems can be intimidating to address, you will find that having a basic understanding about garage maintenance will help you reduce that stress when these problems arise.

Warped Railing

The railings are responsible for guiding the door into position. While these railings are made of extremely strong metal, it can be possible for them to become warped. This will often be caused by the garage door being unbalanced. These doors are extremely heavy, and if they are unbalanced, this weight will not be evenly distributed.

Once you notice that the railings are starting to warp, you should avoid using the garage door until it has been inspected and repaired. By continuing to use the garage door, you may inadvertently cause substantial damage to it, which can result in the railings needing to be replaced. A yearly servicing by a trained garage door service technician will help to keep the door balanced so that your system avoids this potential source of damage. Talk with Shank Door for more information.


Homeowners will often assume that rust will not be a problem for their garage door systems because they are inside. However, garages are notoriously poorly insulated, which can allow the interior humidity to experience spikes during rain. Over time, the condensation that forms during these periods will cause the metal parts of the garage door system to rust.

This rust can greatly weaken these components, and this can make the system more prone to problems. Every few months, you should quickly perform an inspection of the garage door system to look for signs of rust forming. When corrosion is found on either the mechanical parts or railings, you will want to apply a protective sealant to the exposed metal of the system to increase its resistance to corrosion.

Failure To Open Or Close

There may come a day when you find that your garage door system will not open or close when you activate it. Often, this problem will be traced to the remote. As a result, you should always start the troubleshooting process by attempting to use the manual control. If the door opens, reprogramming the remote control may correct the problem. Sadly, if the manual control does not activate the system, it could indicate a serious problem in either the motor, spring, or electrical system. Attempting to repair any of these parts without hiring a professional can be extremely hazardous, and you will want to avoid the mistake of attempting these repairs yourself.