Keeping A Metal Garage Door Functional

Living in a house that has a garage is a convenience when it comes to bad weather. If you recently moved into a house that has a garage, there are a few things that must be done to make sure the metal door remains in a functional condition. You don't want to end up with your vehicle getting trapped inside of the garage due to the door becoming problematic. Preventative maintenance and making prompt repairs is the best way to keep your garage door in good shape. This article contains helpful information in regards to keeping a metal garage door in a functional condition.

Get Dents Removed

The bad thing about a metal garage door is that it can get dented up, especially if it is of a low quality. Dents can cause a garage door to look unappealing when there are a lot of them. However, your main concern in regards to dents should be the effect that they can have on the movement of the door. It is in your best interest to get dents removed as soon as they are noticed, as they can lead to the door stalling.

Ensure That the Tracks Are Secure

The tracks are important and should receive occasional inspections to ensure that they are not misaligned or loose. The reason why is because they must be secure and straight in order for the door to move as it should when being opened or closed. Loose screws in the tracks can cause them to become misaligned, so make sure the screws are tightened every now and then to prevent such a problem.

Remove Dirt from the Sensors

One of the things that can cause the sensors to malfunction is dirt, which can accumulate on them in a fast manner. Dirt is a concern because it prevents the sensors from shining infrared beams towards each other, as they are located at the bottom of both sides of the door. The beams are important because they communicate with the motor in regards to when the door should open or close. You can easily clean the sensors with a damp cloth that has warm water on it.

Keep the Torsion Springs in Good Shape

The torsion springs are not only important for the speed in which your garage door moves, but can also be dangerous when they are in bad shape. Basically, the springs support the weight of the door, which means they are under pressure at all times. If one of the springs snaps loose, it can cause a bad injury. Get the springs inspected every now and then to make sure they are properly coiled and in a good condition.