2 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Pops While Moving

Lately, you may have noticed a loud popping noise whenever you open or close your garage door. You may even see the door rattle or bulge out while it is in movement. If your garage door keeps popping every time you use it, there are a couple of potential causes of the issue.

1.  Door's Torsion Springs Are Damaged

One possible reason why your garage door keeps making popping noises has to do with the torsion springs. These springs are under an immense amount of tension, and they are responsible for keeping the door steady while they either open or close it.

However, if these springs become damaged, such as become cracked or even broken, the tension on them begins to slip. Whenever the door moves to the point where the damage is located, the damaged section of the spring will pop out of place.

If the springs break all of the way through, they may eventually snap, leaving you unable to open or close your door without doing so manually. If you suspect that the springs are damaged, have them replaced by a professional. Do not attempt to replace them yourself, as the tension could cause the springs to jump out and hit you if you do not have the proper equipment.

2.  Door Hinges Are Loose or Broken

If you have examined the springs and found that they do not appear damaged, another possible cause of the popping noises from your garage door may be the hinges on the door. Normally, the hinges allow the door to move smoothly and relatively quietly as the door moves along the curves of the tracks.

However, if the hinges become loose or broken, they are no longer able to keep the door panels tightly against one another. As the door moves, the hinges will be unable to control the panels, and the panels will start to move unevenly and even bulge. As the door moves along the tracks, the panels will shift and cause the door to pop and shake.

If your garage door is consistently making popping noises every time it opens and closes, you may be tempted to either replace the springs or fix the hinges yourself. However, attempting to do so could result in more damage or could result in injury if the springs or door strike you or someone close by. Instead of fixing the door yourself, contact a garage door repair service to have them do the job for you.

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