Three Issues Your Garage Doors May Encounter

A garage door that has encountered problems can be a scary issue for a new homeowner. While these problems can be intimidating to address, you will find that having a basic understanding about garage maintenance will help you reduce that stress when these problems arise. Warped Railing The railings are responsible for guiding the door into position. While these railings are made of extremely strong metal, it can be possible for them to become warped. [Read More]

Your Guide To Troubleshooting The Remote Control And Primary Panel Of Your Garage Door Opener When The Door Won't Open Or Close

When the entire point of having an automatic garage door opener is so that you do not need to mess with opening it manually, it can get more than a little frustrating to discover that the door isn't operating as it should. Fortunately, you may find that the issue is something quite simple that doesn't require either an expert examining it or the bill you could expect for that service. For instance, some common reasons for malfunctioning garage doors include issues like remote controls that need new batteries and minor electrical issues that prevent the unit from working. [Read More]

Costs And Embellishments For A Garage Door

Figuring out what to spend on any single aspect of your home is difficult. But that becomes even harder with something where there is such a large price range as with garage doors. But here is a guide to what average costs are like and how you might raise or lower your expenses for a garage door. Average Costs and Ranges for Garage Doors As far as statistics that have been collected on how much people spend for their garage doors, the average cost hovers around $1,058. [Read More]

Garage Door Spring FAQ

The springs on your garage door are a vital component for the opening and closing mechanism. Often, they are ignored until something goes wrong – and that something that goes wrong can be quite dramatic since springs tend to break with a loud noise. They also can cause damage when they break, since they are under high tension. The following guide will answer some of your questions about springs, so that you can avoid such a dramatic situation. [Read More]